You have without a doubt heard much about wrinkles. Well, wrinkle myths abound, and you may have heard only a fraction of the truth. Here are some truths: How your parents age is only a small predictor of how you will age. While genes are a part of the equation, they may actually not play

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Kérastase releases Women’s Hair Regrowth Serum

Kérastase releases Women’s Hair Regrowth Serum: Densifique® Minoxidil Last year, Kérastase, the leading purveyor of women’s luxury hair care products, released a revolutionary new product to treat women’s hair loss and even promote regrowth. Known as Densifique®. this formula was infused with Stemoxydine, a stem cell based agent that promises to deliver 1700 new hairs

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Eye Brow Eye Opener

New Treatments Help Women & Men Reclaim Full, Lush Brows Once Tarnished By Tweezers Anushka’s resident “Lashologist”, Ellie Malmin, has long been fascinated with discovering new techniques for extending the beauty and life to your lashes. We were captivated in July when we read the article “Brow of the Decade” written in the New York

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Anushka & ITG Debut Holistic Body Sculpting Package

Anushka has been in the body sculpting business for over 40 years, when she revolutionized the spa industry with her highly successful anti-cellulite treatments, topical serums and nutritional guidance. Earlier this year, the brand was approached by ITG, a company founded on providing at-home nutrition and guidance for healthy weight loss. After remarkably successful trials,

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The Benefits of Botox

The images that appear in peoples’ minds when they hear the word “botox” include everything from a wide-eyed super-smiling wax-like face to fresh, relaxed look that make people think the person can’t possibly have any worries at all. For those of you that think BOTOX will make you look like a clown, the following is

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