The Return of the 90’s

Beauty & Style Tips from the Decade’s Best Pop Fashion Trends   One day earlier this year I noticed a leading shoe brand released a number of what I would consider “moon shoes”, or platform rubber shoes and sneakers. Almost instantaneously I was re-united with my younger self who naturally fell in love with the

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Forever You-th: Radical Anti-Aging that is Scientific, Safe & Stunning

Celebrities have long been apt to the latest youth-restoring treatments. In fact, many of us turn to them to vicariously test out the claims of new anti-aging techniques. But lately, something has changed. The over-puffy, super stretched faces of old have been replaced with remarkably beautiful and enviable results. Stars like Madonna, Demi Moore and

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8 Summer Beauty Hacks For 2015

Anushka’s experts share summer beauty tips and DIY tricks to protect your hair from the elements of summer and create easy, elegant styles in a snap. 1. Make Your Own DIY Salt Spray For Oceanic Waves Recipe 1: Simple Salt Spray Take 20 oz. of seltzer water and a teaspoon of sea salt. Mix them together and

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