Love The Skin You’re In

RESTYLANE DEFYNE® AND RESTYLANE DEFYNE® Two of the most Amazing Products Available Thus Far…. My extensive experience with the newest members of the Restylane family; Restylane Refyne® and Restylane Defyne® has been nothing short of Spectacular. While the Restylane family has been proven to be a fabulous dermal filler for decades, the addition of these

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It May Be Your Thyroid

It May Be Your Thyroid Join Us On February 20th For Our Thyroid Event. Are you suffering from fatigue, brain fog, depression, weight gain, constipation, joint pain, low blood pressure, low libido, dry skin and brittle nails, hair loss, or sensitivity to cold? Thyroid Deficiency and dysfunction are commonly seen in women over the age

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Anushka Introduces Functional Nutrition Programs To Wellness Clinic For 2018

Led by coach Tracy, RD, LD/N Nationally Registered & Licensed Dietitian & Nutritionist Being healthy is a choice we can all make.  Your overall health and wellness corresponds to the foods you eat, the lifestyle you live, the sleep you get, and the thoughts you think. In 2018, The Anushka Wellness Clinic wants to help

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