As award season sneaks up on us once again, we find ourselves marveling at Hollywood’s most beautiful set – pondering how exactly they achieve their flawless complexion, radiant glow and hypnotic hair. Our experts at Anushka weighed in to share their secrets for a movie star makeover.

Ever noticed how remarkably smooth a starlets face is? On the red carpet, there are no special effect photoshop techniques to magically give them the powdery soft skin we see in press photos. Medical Director Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP ARNP, suggests that stars may undergo hair removal to achieve such a smooth effect. The delicate hair on our face often competes with fluid or powdery cosmetics. To eliminate this altogether, Dr. Marting recommends using one of her complexion smoothing methods – the Cutera Laser. This powerful, yet delicate treatment results in a smooth, hair-free foundation in just 5 sessions. The result is a clear, smooth texture that will have you feeling radiant with or without concealer.
If you’re looking for a luminous, clear complexion, the experts from iS Clinical – a company who’s been at the helm of Hollywood’s most notable faces for years, has shared their red-carpet ready facial treatment with leading skin care spas around the country, like Anushka. In just 1 treatment, the expertly blended formulations, administered by Anushka’s premier facialists, will leave your skin radiant, resulting in an afterglow for days.
For a true starlet finish, employ expert makeup techniques which can dramatically enhance your look. Makeup artist and lash guru Ellie Malmin has perfected the airbrush technique. Using her professional wand, Ellie brings to light blushing cheekbones and skillfully sculpts highlights surrounding the face, resulting in an effect that creates and enhances your best features.
If you’re fawning over lush, old-Hollywood locks, know that most of their stylists enhance their look with hair extensions.  Anushka’s master stylists use only Platinum Extensions – a preferred red-carpet brand who has styled stars like Carrie Underwood and the Victoria’s Secret super models for years. Their collection of multifaceted hair extensions offer 37 color options, as well as a variety of texture selections make practically any hairstyle possible.
The next time you find yourself clicking “like”, or “pin” on a glamorous red carpet look this season, remember turn to the team at Anushka. They’ll know exactly how to achieve the radiant beauty you thought was only saved for the stars.