Every day I see a few patients who have never had a neuromodulator (such as BOTOX) or a dermal filler (like Restylane or Juvéderm). These lovely people are the virgins who have never stuck their toe in the beauty enhancement waters, much less gone for even a brief swim. There is often a great deal of anxiety and trepidation due to the great unknown (and the very scary over-done known walking around out there).Because every aesthetically unique soul starts out in this position, the fear is common and can be greatly reduced with a little help from some friends. This Blog is devoted to those patients who are quite nervous about getting their first aesthetic service.

(FIRST) Those constant cellphone pics!

Last week I saw a young girl (about 21, an adult yes, but in this realm a bit on the young side) sitting in my exam chair staring at the mirror she was holding in front of her. She was making face after face in order to reproduce a line she saw on a photo that was snapped before she had time to properly pose. Those incessant impromptu pics have done a lot of messing with peoples’ perceptions of their own looks. She was no exception. That vertical line that appeared between her eyebrows in the picture needs to never present itself again.

Discussion ensued about the cause of the line and what was available to treat it. The reason society in general takes exception to this line is that it delivers a negative connotation. It makes one look angry or severe, rather than just pensive. A neuromodulator (BOTOX or Dysport) would prevent the excessive and continuous movement from occurring so that the line would not form in the first place. Once that line has set in (after years of making the face) it takes some time, and maybe some filler to eradicate it. While she was a bit afraid of the BOTOX, she was more afraid of an unremitting relationship with that line. Once the 30 seconds it takes to deliver the BOTOX was over, she said “that’s it?!?” I assured her it was “it” and that in a few days she would look totally relaxed. Then she’ll start searching for people to take her picture.