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Beauty Below The Chin

A common concern of nearly all my clients over the age of 45 is the lower face and neck zone. It’s at this age when one might begin to notice a slight to moderate loosening of the jowl area. And in terms of “looking” older, this does contribute to visible aging.

At this early stage, it’s not necessary to consider a neck lift, yet – though maybe in the future. Gratefully, and to the amazement of many patients, an easy fix can be had with minimal effort and near-to-no downtime. And depending on your own needs, we can choose from several options.

One of the initial reasons for losing elasticity in the neck area is due to a depletion of the fat pads that line the facial muscles. As these begin to fall and deflate naturally, it causes a build-up and laxity at the bottom of the jawline. To treat this, we use Kybella. Though originally developed to be used on the sub-mental region for a double-chin, Kybella has been successfully placed in drooping jawline areas to reduce unwanted fat while performing a mild tightening effect, resulting in a more defined jawline and silhouette.

Further aging will invariably affect the neck, as well. After about the age of 50, most people will notice some form of elasticity depletion in this area. For this, we offer several excellent options at the Anushka Cosmedical Centre to both firm and tighten skin for any level of drooping, including:

  • Firming Neck Creams (mildly helpful on their own)
  • Barbed Threads
  • Electronic Skin Tighteners:
    • TITAN (Infrared Light)
    • Ultherapy (High-Intensity Ultra-Sound)
    • Viora Reaction (Radio Frequency)

People often ask me, “What treatment works best?” Of course, beginning mild anti-aging treatments early will help maintain your youthful appearance. If you are looking for a more noticeable lift, it is my experience that combining treatments will lead to the best overall results. At Anushka, we treat neck laxity with a combination of three treatments: Nectifirm Advanced by Revision Skin Care, TITAN by Cutera, and PDO threads. Together, these treatments result in a significantly improved appearance that can stave off a neck lift for years to come.

I invite you to join me for a complimentary consultation to discuss your own anti-aging goals. Together, we can achieve a more vibrant and youthful appearance you can enjoy all season through, and beyond! Call 561-820-8055 to schedule an appointment with our Cosmedical Concierge.

Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, ARNP

From jawline to bra-line, the anti-venom to “Tech Neck” is Nectifirm

Turns out you don’t have to be over the hill to suffer from a sagging neck. And since we are fixated on our phones and tablets today more than ever, younger people are beginning to complain about pesky neck lines and creases.

Even if you’re not tech-obsessed, maturing skin will invariably give way to gravity, making us look and feel older than we’d like. And while plenty of non-invasive treatments can help restore the face, much less is available to visibly firm the neck – until now.

Enter Revision Skincare’s hero serum, Nectifirm ADVANCED. This product, one of several from Revision Skincare’s stellar lineup, uses first-of-its-kind technology to visibly reduce the signs of aging including lines and imperfections on the jawline, neck and décolleté.

In just two weeks, clients are noticing visible results from the jawline to the bra-line! The “2-week wonder” serum helps to lift and smooth the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté. Just two pumps is enough to cover the coveted area and provide anti-aging results.

So, what’s in it?

  • Diglucosyl Gallic Acid for a brighter, even skin tone
  • 8 blended peptides to smooth fine lines
  • Red microalgae to smooth and lift skin
  • Formulated with antioxidants to reduce the signs of aging

A recent study declared Nectifirm the “Number-one neck brand recommended by medical professionals.” New Beauty editors are “blown away” with the results they’ve seen in just two weeks. And, paired with other neck-firming technologies, you could see even more dramatic results!

The Anushka Cosmedical Centre has been at the forefront of anti-aging technology since debuting their Cellulite Clinic in the 1970’s on New York’s famed Park Avenue. Today, they offer several effective treatments to dramatically improve the elasticity of skin on the neck and décolleté. Cosmedical Director Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, ARNP, shares that “Nectifirm is the most effective topical product I’ve used for treating the signs of aging on the neck.” You can purchase yours now for just $84 (elsewhere $133) by calling 561-820-8055.

For moderately mature skin, she recommends a series of Venus Legacy Neck Treatments ($179 per treatment), which uses radio frequency technology to firm and tighten the skin. For more mature skin, she recommends an in-office thread lift, utilizing medical-grade barbs to instantly lift and tighten the skin of the neck – effectively delivering a “mini-face-lift” during your lunch hour ($250 per thread).

For more about non-invasive anti-aging neck treatments at the Anushka Cosmedical Centre, contact our concierge at 561-820-8055.

The Fairest Filler of them All

With the increasing number of dermal fillers available in the US, it’s getting even more confusing for the average aesthetic patient to understand what should be used where and when, or even if. This is where understanding the nuances and intricacies of each product is essential for an Aesthetic Provider to appropriately recommend treatments that will truly benefit the patient and get them closer to their goals.

Restylane Silk is one of my favorite products because of its nuances: very small particle size, ability to squeeze into tiny areas (think lines around the mouth) without elevating the area, filling in sharp lines without creating bulk, and making lips look moisturized without creating the “Trout Pout”. It also can be placed in those difficult to disguise areas like the horizontal neck lines (rings around the neck) and the famous “V lines” that happen on the décolleté. What happens is a look that is very soft, replenished, and natural (not to mention youthful!).

Restylane Silk is also the only lip filler that has been approved by the FDA for lip augmentation done with a cannula. This procedure allows treatment with only two small needle sticks in the corners of the mouth. The cannula is then placed in those areas and progressed into the lips. This treatment allows for less trauma as well as less bruising.

Products That Make A Difference

Historically (and presently) retinoids are a true mainstay of antiaging and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. One of the oldest retinoids (if not THE oldest) is tretinoin, or its trade name Retin-A. The formula, a vitamin-A derivative, was first patented in 1957 and studied extensively for acne in the early 1960s. As its use for acne became popular in the 1970s and 80s, it was apparent that the skin on the users did not age the same as non-users. One of its mechanisms is the increased cell-turnover that actually keeps your skin newer, or younger. The result is less wrinkled, glowing skin with a thinner epidermis (thickening normally as we age) and a thicker dermis (thinning normally as we age). Later, it was demonstrated that there was a decrease in the amount of facial skin cancer in people using a retinoid. The downside is that the retinoids take some getting used to. Presumably in part due to the increased cell turnover, the skin becomes a bit inflamed and somewhat stingy in the first few weeks. This can be alleviated by extra moisturizing utilizing a moisturizer high in antioxidants and peptides such as the YOUTH Crème by iS Clinical. That, together with a more tolerable retinoid such as the SkinMedica Retinol, is my favorite combination to keep people younger!

Functional Nutrition For A Healthier You

Being healthy is a choice we all can make! Your overall health and wellness corresponds to the foods you eat, the lifestyle you live, the sleep you get, and the thoughts you think. These are all choices we make each and every day.
Do you want to CHOOSE to be Healthy and Well or sick with disease and pain?
Transforming our lives starts with changing from the traditional medical model (a symptom-care system) of masking and covering up symptoms to the natural approach with a focus on prevention and treatment of the underlying root causes. We look at symptoms as a communication tool telling us something else is going on. Do you have unexplainable symptoms that continue to wreck havoc on your daily life?
 Are you suffering with digestive problems, gas, bloating, constipation, reflux, food allergies, IBS?
 Gut Health is a factor in many chronic health concerns including depression, autoimmune diseases, skin problems and hormone imbalances. You may be suffering with gut inflammation and your GUT needs help and attention.
 Have you been battling with weight gain, thyroid dysfunction, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, or blood sugar imbalances?
 We have answers for you with our nutrition-based care programs to train your body how to become a fat burner utilizing healthy eating habits and healing foods to make you feel and look your very best.
The goal of our Functional Nutrition Programs at Anushka is a generation of change to create a new environment for our health! Our innovative approach involves a detailed analysis of all your body’s systems to develop your functional nutrition care plan to address the whole you.
We offer a variety of programs designed to help you address your health conditions with:
Cutting-edge Testing / functional assessment evaluation / customized meal plans / lifestyle changes / body composition analysis / individualized coaching and accountability support / functional supplementation / and cellular detoxification
Our Goal is to help you reach your health goals with a realistic approach that accommodates your lifestyle, current routines, and eating preferences while eating real food, conquering cravings, and breaking the sugar addiction!
Are you ready to transform your life to the healthy being you were made to be?

A 30 day nutrition program designed for clients seeking nutrition and lifestyle changes to jumpstart their wellness journey.
Program highlights include:
 Initial Consultation with functional assessment evaluation, body composition analysis, and nutrition plan instructions
 Health coaching for a 30 day system with initial consultation, midway follow up evaluation, and a 30 day success review appointment
 Detoxification assessment and protocol strategy
Program Cost is $697
New Year New You DISCOUNT program is only $597

A 60 day nutrition program designed for clients seeking nutrition and lifestyle coaching with step-by-step instructions during a 60-day extended support period to reset you body and health.
Program highlights include:
 Initial Consultation with functional assessment evaluation, body composition analysis, and nutrition plan instructions
 Health coaching for 60 days including 6 individualized consultations with our director of nutrition programs
 Follow up appointments include symptom review, nutrient intake analysis, meal planning, Q&A, protocol updates, and body composition analysis
 Supplementation evaluation, Detoxification assessment and protocol strategy
Program Cost is $1400
New Year DISCOUNT program is only $1099 (over $300 savings)

How To Look Fabulous Forever

Ever since the advent of Botox – the “gateway” treatment for keeping skin looking wrinkle-free for eternity – the non-invasive anti-aging industry has made remarkable progress to do so much more than just “release the crease”. While Botox will almost always be the first line of defense against aging, layering on treatments are proven to not just stop time, but rewind it. Here are some of our top tips for losing 5 or even 10 years in just one sitting.


Restylane Silk: Restore Lip Volume

Restylane Silk is the first FDA-approved product specifically engineered to target the restoration of lip volume while helping to smooth any unwanted lines, namely the vertical lines that appear on lips as we age. Using an ultra-smooth hyaluronic acid, just one treatment will restore the volume and shape of lips so they look and feel younger again.


Restylane Refyne: Smooth Smile Lines

The lines around our mouth – that start from the edge of the nostril and curve around the edges of the lips – naturally increase in depth and recognition as we age. A high-performing filler, like Restylane Refyne, is a next-generation hyaluronic acid dermal filler designed to support your skin while helping smile lines vanish. Not only are the results remarkable, but it keeps you looking naturally “you”, rather than overdone.


Juvéderm: Erase Marionette Lines

One of the most recognizable names in youth restoration is Juvéderm – and for good reason! Their suite of products practically targets every area of facial aging, including the dreaded marionette lines. These creases, which extend from the ends of the lip line straight down along the sides of the chin, significantly impact one’s overall look. Not only do these lines signify age you, but often times, they make the person look “sad”. Literally turning a frown upside down is what Juvéderm excels at!


Voluma: Replace Fat Loss

Especially for women, the loss of fat in their cheeks significantly impacts their perceived youth and characteristic silhouette. With Voluma, you can restore volume in the apples of the cheeks with just one treatment, which is proven to last up to 2 years! Age-related volume loss is also a sign of aging that you can’t fix with even the best topical solutions. Voluma will not only restore the volume of your cheeks, giving you a youthful, supple look, but will also help to reduce any skin sagging and tighten subtle lines across the face!


Sculptra: Combat Bone Loss

This poly-l-lactic acid is one of the more revolutionary products to hit the non-invasive anti-aging market in the last few years because it doesn’t add foreign substances to the face, rather, it helps to instigate organic regrowth so you de-age naturally! Sculptra helps to stimulate your skin’s own natural collagen from the inside out while helping to restore bone loss that accompanies natural aging within the facial structure. By doing so, your face will begin restoring bone loss and volume naturally, assisting in rewinding time!


Thread lift: Mini Face Lift

In many cases, non-invasive injectables can only rewind the clock so much before something more permanent is recommended, like a face lift. But one of the treatments that is gaining widespread popularity is what’s known as a “thread lift”. While not “new” to the market, innovations in these microscopic threads have greatly improved the efficacy and results of the lifting procedure, which is done on an outpatient basis in just 1 hour! Polydiaxanone threads, armored with barb-like cones, are strategically placed under the skin and artfully secured, holding the face into place and offering an instant mini face lift. While the threads slowly absorb, the barbs help to stimulate the production of new collagen so that when the sutures dissolve fully, the newly developed collagen maintains the new facial positioning on it’s own.

Limited-time special pricing is available on most of the mentioned procedures at the Anushka Cosmedical Centre, along with special-event pricing happening intermittently throughout the season. Call 561-820-8055 to hear about all of our current medical offers and prices.

Tighten Sagging Facial Skin Without Going Under The Knife

There’s a new (or newish) option for lifting and tightening sagging facial skin without going under the knife. Late last year, the FDA approved a new variation of a once-popular procedure, called a thread lift, making the use of temporary, absorbable sutures a viable option for those who want to achieve similar results of a traditional facelift without the surgery or downtime.

The original thread lift came out in the late ’90s and was performed up until the mid 2000s. The procedure fell out of favor about 10 years ago, but two recent options utilizing new technology, Nova Threads and the Silhouette Instalift, are bringing the thread lift back into the spotlight. While the sudden resurgence of the thread lift (sometimes referred to as a “lunchtime lift”) may be perplexing for some, doctors who are performing this noninvasive procedure say that the newer technology and the fact that it can be done in an hour are two big reasons that procedure is coming back into popularity as a facelift alternative.

How Does a Thread Lift Work?
A thread lift is exactly what it sounds like.  The sutures are inserted into the skin and can instantly tighten and lift problem areas with volume loss like the cheeks, jowls, lips and neck, while stimulating the body to build collagen in the area where the sutures are placed. Attached to the fine threads are tiny cones, small umbrella like attachments that lift and tighten from underneath the skin while simultaneously causing inflammation, which helps to stimulate collagen growth over time.


Another challenge was that the skin could only be pulled in one direction. “This made the results appear two-dimensional,” says Chicago plastic surgeon Julius Few, MD.  “The new threads are fully absorbable, making it an absorbable suture lift, not a thread lift. They can also be lifted in two directions, which results in a more three-dimensional look. The old procedure required overpulling of the skin to get a good result, making the downtime several days and not too different from what is now called a mini-facelift.”

Thread Lift vs. Fillers
So, how does the new and improved thread lift hold up against the popular “liquid facelift?” A thread lift procedure takes as little time as a treatment using a combination of fillers (about an hour) and recovery time is just one or two days. Results will vary, but can last anywhere from 18 months to a few years and additional threads can be used at a later time to maintain results. Because the cones continue to stimulate collagen, the results continue to improve over time. But, thread lifts won’t be replacing dermal fillers anytime soon. According to Dr. Few, to achieve optimal results its best to combine procedures. “Used alone, results can last up to 18 months,” says Dr. Few. “But we often use the absorbable suture lift in combination with fillers, lasers and other nonsurgical facial treatments to create a ‘stackable treatment,’” he says. “The results are expected to last several years when combined with other treatments and wear off gradually.”

Newbeauty. com

What Summer Bodies Are Made Of

With today’s world living and breathing social media and people posting pics of nearly everything imaginable, one begins to wonder what is real or even possible. Naked (or partially naked) selfies have taken over by storm…showing the most recent fat loss or added curve. Were these people really born this way? How do you have all the right junk in all the right places?

Celebrities know that to be relevant in today’s market they need to be talked about; be on people’s minds. One way to do that is to be constantly changing your body into the next sexier version. As we have seen with the advent of the big booty, styles change, and some styles are even created by those that post the most. So how do you create these things without surgery and without photoshop?
Bigger Booty: Implants are out due to some horrendous complications that can leave one seriously disfigured. Fat transfer is still performed but the person has to have enough fat to harvest and there is considerable down time. Also retreatment may be necessary. Sculptra (Poly-L-Lactic acid) is a natural way to increase the size and create the desired shape (think lift? Rounded? Protruding? Need more hip?) by stimulating super collagen growth. Simple injections, followed by patient massage will perfect your posterior to your desired goal. More than one treatment may be needed but the treatments are quick and easy with no down time. Nothing like fat transfer.

Slimming pudgy areas: Targeted fat loss has been an issue since people learned to look at their own bodies (or others were looking for you). Common areas of concern are knee bulges, inner thighs, outer thighs, peri-trochanter (saddle bag) area, lower abdomen, and back and front bra fat. You really can’t exercise these areas into shape. For a while Cool-Sculpting was the only evidenced answer…it would destroy some of the fat in those areas. Problems with evenness and lumpiness have persisted however so it no longer is the main go-to treatment. Another fat-destroyer is SculpSure™, but this one is a laser that targets the fat down as far as 1.5cm. It destroys nearly 25% of the fat in that area, but has a 30 degree dispersion of energy to alleviate the shelving that appears with some other treatments. It is a great spot reducer.
For those tiny areas or even spottier areas, Kybella® may be the answer. This product is approved for submental (double chin) fat removal but it is now being used off-label in multiple areas. More than one treatment may be required for desired results but the treatment takes just a matter of minutes. It takes over 5 weeks to see results regardless of the fat reducing method because your lymph system will slowly carry the debris away, but the results are permanent.

Clean Skin Is In!

Clean skin is in this summer an not just the literal version of it.  The “no make-up” look is having a haute moment all over again with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and models like Bella Hadid wearing no make-up at all on the catwalk and front row of major fashion houses this spring/summer.  Whether you want the “made up” version or having a fresh face, our Estheticians and Make up artists can help you with both.

Signature Facial $109

Oxygen Facial $179

Acne Facial $105

Back Facial $109

Back Acne Treatment $105

Dermalplaning $95



Bye Bye Crepey Skin

Skin becomes crepey with age for a variety of reasons: buildup of extensive UV damage, dryness, aging, and we lose that precious but unappreciated (in youth) tiny layer of fat under the skin that keeps everything firm and smooth. The result is withering and puckering of the skin that takes on the effect of a continually deflating balloon.
There are many topical products that can help this situation…but only a little. Retinoids are the mainstay for keeping skin younger and healthy from the top down. New cells are produced faster and the entire skin is healthier. Problem is that it does not replace that little layer of fat that is forever gone. Even if one were to gain weight (don’t consider trying this at home) the fat would not return to that spot, just to other inconvenient areas.
One topical system can help however. Brand new research has determined that it is possible to wake up the stem cells congregated in the hair follicles. This produces new skin rather than rejuvenating older skin therefore there is no past damage to surface later. The new skin is young and healthy. There are 3 steps to this system called DEFENAGE®. This still does not replace the fat layer however.
There is an answer to this dilemma…placing a collagen stimulant under the skin to grow brand new collagen that is healthy, firm, and tightly wound will make the skin appear much like it did many years ago. Sculptra® is such a collagen stimulant, in fact the only one on the market. While it does have to be injected, the injections are nearly painless and can be done in as little as five minutes. You start to see new growth in approximately four weeks. The skin is stimulated to grow for well over 6 months but the majority of growth is seen in 3 months. A second treatment may be needed but nothing will bring back the beauty of youth like the new skin seen with Sculptra®.

Your Skin In A New Light with Laser Genesis

Want Palm Beach perfect skin?  Enter spring 2017 looking younger and feeling more confident with Laser Genesis.

What is Laser Genesis and what does it do?

It stimulates new skin cell growth and collagen production which smooths fine lines; shrinks pore size; evens out rough skin texture; and fades scarring.  This amazing laser procedure also closes down the tiny veins and capillaries that cause persistent redness of the skin.  Laser Genesis penetrates deep into the cellular layer of the skin. Chemical peels help to refine the surface while the laser corrects the problem at the cellular level. It is a non-invasive laser therapy that uses laser technology to gently heat the different levels of the dermis.

Laser genesis can be performed on several areas of the body, including the face, chest and neck. Many patients have actually described Laser Genesis as a pleasant treatment. The laser produces a warm, tingling sensation on the patient’s skin, which usually lasts for 30 minutes. It is effective for both men and women and is proven to increase an individual’s collagen production, which along with the heat generated by the treatment helps to shrink facial pores across the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead.

The 1064nm laser is color blind so it can be used on all skin types. The frequency is attracted to hemoglobin and water. Therefore, it will cause a renewal of collagen while shrinking the diffuse dilated blood vessels that contribute to the appearance of redness or Rosacea. Because the depth of penetration goes just beyond the pore depth, there is a tightening of the present pores resulting in a refined and refreshed appearance.

Laser Genesis can be used to treat many different issues and is a quick procedure to improve:

  • Facial Redness
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Rough Skin Texture
  • Hyperpigmentation & melasma
  • Acne scarring
  • Scars from trauma, surgery or burns

What can I expect after my Laser Genesis procedure?

The most common side effect is beautiful skin! You may experience a pinkness of the skin that can last up to 2 hours post procedure. Walk out with zero downtime and a healthy glow. Most people need a series of at least 6 treatments for the best results. Longevity of results are varied from person to person depending on their lifestyle, sun exposure, diet, and use of proper skin care products. Most people see their results lasting up to 12 months.




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