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Beat The Heat Beauty

At Anushka, nestled in the heart of the Palm Beaches, it’s not just hot in the summer months: it’s sweltering. And let’s “face” it, beauty takes a back seat to soaring temperatures, unrelenting humidity and the sun’s beating rays. But, the Anushka experts, who have over 40 years in the beauty biz, have the answers to keeping your cool summer look alive and well. In fact, many of the tips we heard encouraged our beach babes to work with the heat instead of against it. Check out our top tips from our own experts.

“To preserve your beautiful color, before swimming in a chlorinated pool, rinse with cool water. Believe it or not, hair will not be able to absorb chlorine when it is first wet!” says Anushka’s Shawn Butner, Master Colorist, who is also an expert artist in Balayage Color Treatment. To tame your tresses, opt for a Keratin Blowout ($199 and up), a less intense “smoothing” option which helps for those who want a “little help” in the summer months to ward off the inevitable humidity.

The natural elements of Summer: Sun, wind and surf, dehydrate hair so visit your stylist for a restorative conditioning treatment (we recommend Kerastase, $38) or opt for a rich formula at your beauty supply store. To keep the “beach wave” look alive, try a texturizing spray, like Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray ($26), which is a favorite of our Master Stylist, Celete Salas, who’s styling techniques are so in demand, her clients to fly her halfway across the world for a cut and blowout!

For the face, we asked Makeup Artist, Aesthetician and Lashologist, Ellie Malmin, for her go-to summer beauty tips. “Make summer beauty a breeze by choosing the right makeup and treatments that last long into late summer nights and give you the ultimate freedom.”

 Start with eyelash and brow extensions, which are naturally waterproof and look like your very own. This ultra low maintenance solution will make you say “so long” to your eye pencil by brightening the eyes from sun up to sundown, and last up to 3 weeks! ($250 and up for a full set). Add a brow or lash tint for and easy, semi-permanent look you won’t have to touch up for weeks!

Opt for face makeup that is ultra sheer and youthful to compliment your easy breezy summer look. For all day coverage, try an airbrush makeup solution that will withstand the heat and water. Finally, finish with a sheer plumping lip gloss for a perfect pout.

For nutrition and body, we went right to the guru herself, Anushka, who has been reshaping women and men from the inside out since 1974. Her ultimate juice is a must to look swimsuit sexy this summer.

“As far as beauty goes, we often neglect the most foundational part, which is what goes IN first! Start your day off right by powering up your vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake by swishing down a super smoothie! Anushka recommend her Beauty Detox Smoothie. Start with 2 cups of water and add: 4-5 cups of baby spinach (fresh), 4-5 cups of arugula or kale, 3 medium celery stalks, 2 squirts lemon juice, 2 rings fresh pineapple, 1 medium banana, and 10-16 drops of stevia.

“Beauty is a reflection of inner health and wellbeing. It is harmony and balance: a delicate relationship between spiritual, emotional and physical aspects to bring your best features forward and express a healthy appearance and attitude.”, says Anushka.

To learn more about the Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre, call one of our client concierges at 561.820.0500 or dive into all that is Anushka on our online site For any of the products listed above, browse our online catalogue at were every order receives a luxurious gift with purchase.


8 Summer Beauty Hacks For 2015

Anushka’s experts share summer beauty tips and DIY tricks to protect your hair from the elements of summer and create easy, elegant styles in a snap.

1. Make Your Own DIY Salt Spray For Oceanic Waves

Use Your Own DIY Salt Spray to make Waves

Use Your Own DIY Salt Spray to make Waves

Recipe 1: Simple Salt Spray

Take 20 oz. of seltzer water and a teaspoon of sea salt. Mix them together and pour it into a spray bottle.

Recipe 2: Polynesian Blend

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of sea salt into 1 cup of hot water. Mix 1 teaspoon of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of hair gel. Add 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon (depending on how dry your hair is). Whisk together, pour into a bottle and enjoy Hawaiian tropic tresses.

2. Create An Easy, Elegant Updo With Just A Headband

Create an enchanting updo on the run with just a headband

Create an enchanting updo on the run with just a headband

Place a headband on, preferably with an elastic band that holds tight onto the back side of your head. Simply begin picking up 1 inch thick sections or so and tucking them up and around the bottom of the headband until it is all secured up and away from your neck. This style is also a great way to achieve beach curls when assembled with damp hair first.

3. Protect Your Hair From Damaging Chlorine With…Tap Water?

Just add water to protect your hair from chlorine

Just add water to protect your hair from chlorine

Believe it or not, by simply rinsing your hair off before you hit the pool, you’ll be able to ward off hair-destroying toxins like chlorine. Why? Your porous hair will soak up the water first, which will help deter it from soaking in the pool water afterward. Beauty experts also mention that spraying a leave in conditioner (when your shower or smartwater is out of reach) for the same protective power.

4. Choose The Right Products To Fight Off Summer’s Elements

The Anushka Spathecary carries a variety of sulfate and alcohol-free products

The Anushka Spathecary carries a variety of sulfate and alcohol-free products

When hair becomes dry, it soaks up the moisture in the atmosphere, causing frizzy ends and drying the cuticle. Properly hydrating your hair with the right, specifically engineered hair products will help prevent this and leave you with sleek strands through the heat of the summer. Choose products with the following callouts: hydrating, anti-humidity, sulfate-free, UV protection, and alcohol-free. Speaking of alcohol, not only is it bad for your body but it wreaks havoc on your hair!

5. Sun Powered Conditioning Masque

Anushka recommends restorative masques from Oribe, Davines and Kerastase

Anushka recommends restorative masques from Oribe, Davines and Kerastase

While we don’t recommend over exposing your hair and scalp to the suns powerful rays, but there is a way to take advantage of that energy to give you more hydrated hair. Create your own “Sun Masque” by using a well-engineered, deep conditioning treatment, like Davines’ “NouNou” ($37 for 9oz.). This nourishing masque will help to repair dry, processed or brittle hair with active ingredients like tomato extract formulated in Italy.

6. Elegant Updo: Upside Down French Braid Ballerina Bun

This style is perfect after you've left the beach, when hair is easy to style infused with salt from the sea!

This style is perfect after you’ve left the beach, when hair is easy to style infused with salt from the sea!

Create this gorgeous updo easily with damp hair or 2-3 day old hair for the right hold (also works great after the beach when the sun and sweat has made your hair perfect for styling!)

    1. Flip head upside down and comb upward, removing hair from the neck
    2. Select a section of hair at the nape of the neck and separate it into 3 pieces
    3. Criss cross the sections like a regular braid, and afterward, beginning from one side, grab additional hair from each side of the braid and twist together again (do not add hair to the center piece.
    4. Continue this until you reach the crown of the head
    5. Gather ALL of the hair and tie into a high pony tail
    6. Using a chignon or your own version, create a bun around the base of the pony tail

7. SPF: Scalp Protecting Formulas

Create your own hair SPF by mixing sunscreen and water into a spray bottle.

Create your own hair SPF by mixing sunscreen and water into a spray bottle.

SPF for your hair is often overlooked. In order to maintain the integrity of your color and to preserve the moisture in your hair, beauty experts across the globe recommend you add a hair SPF into your beach bag. If you’re not able to purchase a fancy version, or are short on time, simply mix a bit of sunscreen with some water into a spray bottle and voila.

8. Cooling Shampoos & Conditioners

Choose products with peppermint, green tea mint or aloe for a refreshing experience.

Choose products with peppermint, green tea mint or aloe for a refreshing experience.

What could be more enjoyable in the heat of the summer than experiencing the cooling power of peppermint and tea tree extracts in your shampoo? There are a number of very well made shampoos, conditioners and body washes that are rich in effervescent ingredients, opening up your pores and senses after a long day in the heat. We recommend Organix Tea Tree Mint Shampoo, which you can snag at any Whole Foods Store.

Anushka Expands Legendary Offerings Online

All Your Beauty Needs, 1 Convenient Address.

That was the premise of the Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre when they opened their doors in the Palm Beaches almost 15 years ago, having moved their legendary spa and salon services from New York. Since then, Anushka has offered their clients the best in beauty, wellbeing and luxury retail offerings at their flagship facility located in downtown West Palm Beach at CityPlace. This last spring, the organization made the decision to create an online storefront offering all of their superior retail product lines at  Anushka’s execs made the decision to fully integrate their retail offerings online as a service to their clientele, who is largely seasonal. “At Anushka, we make a commitment to our clients to deliver unparalleled expertise, service and convenience at 1 spectacular address. We are pleased to now offer that same service to our clients 24/7 on our new online shop.” adds Anushka.

The site launched just after Anushka revealed their new core website re-launch late this spring, which included an 8 month overhaul bringing the former site from simple luxury to the forefront of online style and capability. The development team shares that they have already populated the site with leading skincare brand iS CLINICAL, luxury haircare powerhouse Oribe and Anushka’s own proprietary line of cellulite solutions and serums. Very shortly, the site will include other skincare brands like BABOR, SkinMedica and Dr. Dennis Gross. Leading hair care brands such as Kérastase, Bumble & Bumble and Davines are also to follow. A selection of Anushka’s hand-picked gift items from L’Objet, LAFCO and MAGASCHONI will round out the initial online offerings.

With so many online retailers available on the market, Anushka is making a concerted commitment to offer the same quality of goods and services their clients have come to expect on their online platform. Look for special features like complimentary gift wrapping, bonus beauty goodies and exclusive offers included in each special delivery. Take advantage of pop-up sales, online-only discounts and web-only items by signing up for our online newsletter and offers available at the bottom of the homepage.

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