Ask Anushka

Anushka, an accredited nutritionist and founder of the eponymous Anushka Cosmedical Centre, Spa, Salon & Cellulite Clinics has been an authority on cellulite and its prevention for more than 40 years. Her innovative, results-oriented, at-home products have been used by more than 750,000 clients internationally.

Anushka’s cellulite treatments and products are always on the forefront of technology and utilize the latest methodology and ingredients in conjunction with time-tested natural remedies.

Clients who use her products and programs and have been successful include models, celebrities and women from all walks of life. Anushka has been called “Cellulite Guru” by Cosmopolitan, “The Cellulite Exorcist Extraordinaire” by Vogue, and “Cellulite’s worst enemy” by W Magazine.

Anushka is delighted to answer any questions you might have. Send your questions and success stories, as well as what helped you eliminate cellulite, to