New Treatments Help Women & Men Reclaim Full, Lush Brows Once Tarnished By Tweezers
Anushka’s resident “Lashologist”, Ellie Malmin, has long been fascinated with discovering new techniques for extending the beauty and life to your lashes. We were captivated in July when we read the article “Brow of the Decade” written in the New York Times’ Skin Deep section. We were even more thrilled when we sat down with Ellie and heard all about how she has been working on a new technique for creating healthy, full brows. Dive in with us!
The hot trending brow style is the full brow: cleanly sculpted without taking any of the volume away. The muse? Supermodel Cara Delevigne (think of a mix between Lilly Collins with the softness of Keira Knightly). The problem? After sporting the in vogue lightly arched brows of the last decade, women are finding they simple can’t grow their brows back to their original glory. Add in age, which naturally causes spots or thinning areas, and you have a global community of women who’s facial structure and beauty is tarnished from over tweezing!
Cue Ellie, the quintessential queen of lashes. She’s been in the cosmetology field since the mid 1970’s (about the same time as Anushka opened on Park Ave!). Since 2008, she’s been recreating exquisite lashes for clients around the world. Recently, seeing the need for brow treatments, Ellie started concentrating on that area. She now offers a number of brow treatments, including drop-in’s for bald spots or scars on the brow line, or extensions which attach to your real hairs and add volume and length. A fill will run you just $47 for an hour, but If you’re looking for the full treatment, Ellie will take a full spectrum look at your brows, take before and after pictures, use a special sculpting tool and stencil, color match our brows to the extensions and leave you with a luscious brow, starting at $250.
Not only do brow extensions and fillers help reclaim the shape of your brow, they really change the appearance of women older in age, who’s facial structures are naturally hollowing out. Having a healthy brow can take years off of your look! After all, a full, rich eyebrow dictates beauty and youth.
Another remedy for your brows is to use a Latisse treatment, available at the Anushka Cosmedical Centre. Latisse is a lash growth medication and offers “Amazing results” says Anushka’s Cosmedical Centre Director, Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, ARNP. A 3ML ($139) or 5ML ($179) vial will last 6-8 weeks.
So what have we learned? Tweezing can be far more destructive than we once thought. When your facialist reprimands you for over-tweezing, it’s for a good reason! They are protecting you from the irreversible effects of premature thinning and even balding. However, now with the advent of brow drop-ins and extensions women all over the world, or at least South Florida, can reclaim a full, lush eyebrow.