Lashes & Brows



Full Set Classic Lash Extensions $199
Classic Lash extensions are attached by isolating a natural lash and attaching a 1 extension to the natural lash with a professional adhesive. Classic extensions are completely customizable, ranging from a natural look to a highly dramatic finish. Lash extensions should be maintenance every 2 to 3 weeks, and a fresh set should be replaced every 6 months. Application Time 1 ½ to 2 hours

Classic Lash Fills $80

Volume Lash Fills $100

Bottom Lashes $75

Strip Lashes $25 & Up

Strip lashes are perfect for the client who only wants lashes for that special occasion. Strip eyelashes are maintenance free. They come in an array of styles from subtle to dramatic, short to long, airy and light to full mega lashes. You can trim the lashes to customize them for any eye length or shape. The eyelash strip band can be invisible or visible. Choose between synthetic, mink, silk or real lashes. Lasts for the evening. Adhesive is latex based.

Individual Eyelashes $35 & Up
Individual clusters have 3 to 6 lashes that are overlapping on top of each other, in various lengths, looking like one thick lash. They are applied randomly and are used with a temporary adhesive that will last several days and start to shed off. This is perfect for someone who does not want to make the commitment of maintaining lash extensions. Application Time 30 to 45 minutes. Lasts up to 10 days.

“Glamour Fashion” Strip lashes $25 & Up
For an even more dramatic option, try “Glamour Fashion” lashes. Highly stylized options are available, like colored strips or clusters, vivid, metallic or pastel colors as well as feathered or jeweled lashes. Create even more drama by adding other finishes, like double or even triple strips.Application Time 10 minutes. Lasts for the evening. Adhesive duo is usually latex based.

Triple Effect Lashes – Priced by Consultation –
A completely customizable and dramatic look can be achieved by combining a mix of 3 of our classic application techniques

Eyelash Shampooing $25
Shampooing is the proper and hygienic way of cleansing the eyelashes before any eyelash service. Removing all traces of makeup and bacteria that lurks in the lashes and settles in the lash follicle is refreshing and pampering to the client.

Drop In Lashes $75 & Up
If you are looking to test drive extensions, this is the perfect treatment for you. Drop in extension lashes or individual lashes applied with very little adhesive.  This is achieved by using a small amount of bonding adhesive, and dropping them on the lash without isolating the natural lash. It gives the client a chance to see if she likes the look as well as testing for sensitivity to the professional glue. Application Time 30 to 45 minutes. Lasts up to a week.

Semi-Permanent Coloring – Tinting  $25 & Up
Lash tinting is a great way to give the look of more fullness and a denser lash line by deepening the natural color of the lashes. This treatment is applied prior to any additional lash service. Application Time 20-30 minutes. Lasts 3 to 8 weeks.

Eyelash Perming and Straightening $45 & Up
Eyelash perming is the best way to achieve the perfect curl to your natural lashes, or redirect lashes which often naturally grow in different directions. This method may also be used to straighten lashes which have too drastic of an arch. This treatment is performed before any tinting or extension service. Application Time 15 minutes to 1 hour. Lasts 3 months or until natural lash sheds.