Cellulite Clinic

A Legacy In Body Sculpting

The Anushka Spa & Cellulite Clinic was founded in New York City more than four decades ago for one reason only — to battle cellulite. After years of immersing herself in research, collaborating with doctors and scientists, and working with physical therapists from here and abroad, Anushka discovered methods that help treat, fight and even prevent cellulite.

“Eighty to ninety percent of women have cellulite problems, and the goal of the clinic is to help women live a cellulite-free lifestyle,” says Anushka.

Anushka has been named the “THE Anti-Cellulite Maven” by W Magazine and the “Cellulite Exorcist Extraordinaire” by Vogue. She has been interviewed on the Today show, Good Morning America, and Live with Regis and Kelly, to name a few. Her cellulite programs have been featured in international beauty and fashion magazines such as Vogue, Allure, Cosmo and Harper’s Bazaar as recently as May 2014.

Anushka’s treatments offer multiple modalities of cutting-edge technology including radiofrequency, infrared, pneumatic compression, ultrasound, pulsed-magnetic field detoxing, slimming body wraps and photomology therapies.

You are individually guided through a holistic, customized program including a lifestyle consultation, nutritional guidance, body smoothing spa treatments, exercise routines and specially formulated cellulite products, developed by the Anushka beauty labs, promising a prescription for results!

Anushka’s programs are the most effective non-invasive treatments to combat cellulite and improve body contouring. Embark on an individualized 360-degree beautification journey and undergo a total metamorphosis that promises a svelte silhouette and fabulous look from head to toe.


Cellulite is characterized as having a bumpy, lumpy, dimpled, or orange-peel texture underneath the skin, which is formed by compressed protrusions of localized fat cells that contain lipids and liquid material. These fat cells are compressed into room-like spaces within the connective tissue that are separated from each other by vertical bands of collagen and elastin fibers. It is located in the connective tissue between the muscle and the skin, mainly in the area of the thighs, knees, buttocks, abdomen and arms.


Women get cellulite, but men do not (except in rare cases). Men’s skin is thicker and their collagen structure resembles a trellis that is like a diagonal. Women’s skin is thinner and the collagen structure is more like a parachute, plus women have 8% more fat than men do.


The accumulation of cellulite is caused by a gradual thickening of the subcutaneous fat cells that trap liquids and waste material which, in turn, compresses arteries and capillaries, resulting in poor circulation and impairing the lymphatic system and ability of the tissue to regenerate itself.

With age, the connective tissue is weakened, dimpling is accentuated, microcirculation is further impaired, and skin often becomes thinner and less toned.

Cellulite is primarily caused by genetic inheritance, fluctuation of hormone levels and accumulation of fat, though other factors can also contribute greatly to the appearance of cellulite.

Common causes include congested lymphatic system, hereditary and genetic factors, poor circulation, stress, inability to properly metabolize (fats, sugars, carbohydrates and refined foods), changes in hormonal balance, weak connective tissue, sedentary lifestyle, water retention, medical conditions (i.e., thyroid, diabetes), medications.


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Cellulite Clinic

  • Technology


    Smoothshapes Laser $262

    Our most effective approach for eliminating cellulite is the SmoothShapes Laser — the first FDA-approved laser cellulite treatment. This new technology combines dynamic laser and light energy with mechanical massage and vacuum.

    With remarkably long-lasting results, SmoothShapes stimulates the restoration of healthy cell activity by focusing on the physical manifestations of cellulite and its underlying causes.

    Viora Reaction

    Viora Reaction™ is the only system to incorporate three distinct frequency variables to offer a wide range of treatment options. The system offers control, precision and more penetration, which makes it more efficient in treating cellulite, reducing body circumference and tightening skin. Viora cellulite reduction treatments work to reduce inches, stretch marks and scarring for visible improvement in skin smoothness and a noticeable reduction in cellulite. Our cellulite treatments are suitable for the thighs, buttocks, love handles and abdomen.

    Tri-active Sonoderm $146

    A European technology, the TAS simultaneously provides a unique triple-action cellulite treatment with ultrasound, subcutaneous endomassage and intermittent pressure for the thighs, torso and derriere. This helps to stimulate collagen and increase lymphatic flow and blood circulation while improving the skins elasticity, texture and tone.

  • Manipulation Therapies

    Manipulation Therapies

    Presso - Jet $115

    A high-tech body sleeve that extends from waist to toes, inflating and deflating with precision, and adapting to each individual’s body. The pneumatic compression promotes lymphatic drainage and microcirculation, helping to release metabolic waste and water retention from the body.

    Thermo - Jet $115

    Swedish technology utilizes heat waves to produce and increase the body’s temperature, stimulate blood circulation and basal metabolism, induce muscle and nerve relaxation, eliminate excess water retention, and aid in weight loss and inches.

    Thigh Contour Massage $61

    This spa ½ hour treatment targets the cellulite prone zones in your legs. Our skilled masseuses delve deep into the subcutaneous tissue layers in the thighs and bottom to help break up stored fats and improve drainage, which aids in improving the appearance of cellulite.

  • Slimming Detox Wraps

    Slimming Detox Wraps

    Seaweed Detox $115

    Slimming, detoxifying and re-mineralizing, Anushka’s seaweed — harvested off the coast of Brittany, France — is rich in iodine, vitamins, trace elements and minerals for lavish nourishment of the body and skin.

    The Seaweed Wrap promotes a rise in body temperature, which increases cellular metabolism and helps to eliminate excess water retention and allows skin to absorb the essential vitamins and trace elements necessary for renewing cellular vitality.

    Café Delight $115

    A hot, cellulite-busting treatment that includes exfoliating with detoxifying espresso coffee grounds, essential oils of cinnamon bark, Paraguayan green herbal tea, Tush Toner Oceanic Gel and Thigh Solution.

    The Slimming Café Wrap produces an increase in body temperature, which promotes cellular metabolism and relieves and eliminates excess water retention.

  • Cellulite Packages

    Cellulite Packages

    Cellulite Series

    6 Venus Freeze (each area) $1,500 receive 1 free Reg. $300 each NOW $214 each

    6 SmoothShapes (each area) $1,500 receive 1 free Reg. $300 each NOW $214 each

    6 Triactive Sonoderm (each area) $1,500 receive 1 free Reg. $300 each NOW $214 each

    6 Presso Jet (each area) $600 receive 1 free Reg. $125 each NOW $85 each

    6 Thermo Jet (each area) $600 receive 1 free Reg. $125 each NOW $85 each