Cellulite Testimonials


Anushka gets rave reviews from beauty editors.

Anushka is the cellulite exorcist extraordinaire.VOGUE
Anushka — New York’s ‘cellulite queen’.ALLURE
Where the glitterati go to regroup — Stellar spaMARIE CLAIRE
Anushka is THE anti-cellulite maven.W MAGAZINE
The famous and fashionable are devoted clients of Anushka.HARPER’S BAZAAR
Top models credit their thin thighs to New York City cellulite guru Anushka.COSMPOLITAN
Anushka is cellulite’s worst enemy in this fickle beauty world. It’s quite and accomplishment to be known as cellulite’s worst enemy. After 30 years running her spa in New York, Anushka certainly deserves that distinction. Now this petite force of nature has brought her talents to Florida with the opening of an 11,000-square-foot beauty emporium. In addition to a full menu of treatments, including Anushka’s Five-Week Intensive Cellulite-busting Program, the new spa offers a world-class hair salon and even a medical center.W MAGAZINE
Known as the place for cellulite treatments — Foxy Brown, Kathie Lee Gifford and Iman, to name an odd trio, are clients — this 29-year-old Upper East Side townhouse spa does a number on areas beyond the tush. Let Tamara or Raya administer the Hot Body Buff, a half-hour rubdown with Anushka’s Sea Sluff Energizing Scrub, to leave thighs, elbows, shoulders and, yes, even your rump so smooth that you’ll want to run straight to the nearest beach to show it off.ALLURE
Book your flight to Ibiza’s nude beaches, because the latest crop of cellulite smoothers seem up to the task. Anushka’s Hot Shot Thigh Gel contains a vitamin B3 derivative that increases circulation enough to produce a sunburnlike redness, which quickly gives way to a more toned texture.W MAGAZINE
During Fashion Week, editors and socialites in the front row were abuzz over the flashes of cellulite they saw on the thighs of some top-tier models walking down the runway. Lesson: The majority of women will develop cellulite at some point in their lives. But that doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down. There are a number of treatments, products and procedures that get results. One of the newest solutions is Dimple Destroyer.HARPER’S BAZAAR
Dimple Destroyer Radical Tush & Thigh Revive have arrived: Dreaded dimples on thighs, tummy and tush beware of Anushka’s body beautifying potent potion.W MAGAZINE
Runway regulars take matters into their own hands at Anushka’s Cellulite Clinic.NY MAGAZINE
Anushka is the destination of choice. It left our skin soft and our tush tingling, enough to bring a glow to anyone’s cheeks.ALLURE
Argentine-born Anushka is a charming wisp of a woman, but her pampering packs a mighty punch.TOWN & COUNTRY
The Café Delight Body Wrap may sound like Starbuck’s latest concoction, but it’s actually the newest body-firming treatment at Anushka’s 11,000-square-foot spa in Palm Beach Gardens. After an invigorating shower, our skin felt velvety, and when we zipped our jeans, we discovered they were actually less snug around our thighs and rear, a result that we found as energizing as a mocha frappuccino.ALLURE
The noted experts of ridding bodies of cellulite, Anushka’s luxurious townhouse spa is home to intensive treatments.NEW YORK TIMES
The new Anushka Spa & Sanctuary is a much expanded version of the 30-year-old Spa & Cellulite Clinic in New York that has drawn from around the world, celebrities and models seeking Anushka’s trend-setting treatments. The new, custom-designed 11,000-square-foot, full-service Anushka is an elegant discreet retreat that boasts 18 treatment rooms, more than 30 hairstyling stations, and an anti-aging medical center.THE SHINY SHEET (PALM BEACH DAILY NEWS)
Anushka has been trimming the thighs and toning the tushes of many a celebrity for 30 years in her New York Spa & Cellulite Clinic. Her new spa features all of her revolutionary cellulite fighting programs, plus a full spa, salon and medical anti-aging facility for such aesthetic musts as Botox and collagen.PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED
Anushka has been a treasured urban retreat among New Yorkers in the know. Perhaps it’s the intimate, welcoming environment, or maybe it’s the exceptional services designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Undoubtedly it’s a bit of both. The spa’s cellulite busting treatments are legendary.NEW YORK OBSERVER
Anushka is the queen of cellulite treatments.NEW YORK NEWSDAY
Devotees (of Anushka) swear they lose inches with Thermo-Jet, a waist-to-knees wrap that concentrates on cellulite prone areas.VOGUE


Anushka’s newest Cellulite Censored is the most intense yet!Audrey F.
I do not follow any real diet, no exercise to speak of, but my cellulite has dramatically decreased with use of only the creams!Janice R.
After less than a month of using the Thigh Solution, my thighs are much smoother and three-quarters-of-an-inch smaller! Thank you, Anushka!Carole K.
I have been using Anushka’s 3 Step Program for three weeks now. I have noticed a definite reduction in the cellulite on the sides of my thighs, particularly noticeable in the way my pants are fitting!Dorothy B.
I have been using Anushka’s Defying Gravity for about a month and have noticed a definite improvement in my silhouette, and so has my husband! In addition, my skin is silkier to the touch and smoother in appearance. Vive la difference!Patricia N.
After only two weeks using the Dimple Destroyer cream I noticed a reduction of the appearance of cellulite. My legs are smoother and less dimpled. I can’t wait for summer to show some skin!Sandy S.
These products are essential components to a program of diet and exercise. Applied consistently, there will be a tremendous improvement in skin appearance of problem (cellulite) prone areas.Ingrid A. MD
People comment on how slim I am, but that is not what counts. Suddenly, at 35, I have a new sense of self. I feel sexier and more feminine. And I feel great that I am doing something really good for myself. It shows; I have made a commitment to Anushka and to a better way of life. Her commitment to me shows already. Wait until you see me at 40.Lisa Anne S.
I am writing to thank you for all the positive changes you have inspired in my life. I’ve been going to your day spa for almost two years, and the best news is that your methods are fun and healthful. In particular, the Thigh Solution and the Sea Sluff Energizing Scrub yielded a noticeable increase in the rate of results. I’ve been following your nutritional advice, too. My clothes fit better and I feel better than I have in a long time.Kate A.
The products have been incredibly effective, and when you add in Anushka’s nutrition and exercise guidance, the results complement each other and are unbeatable.Patricia I.
The program is easy, convenient and satisfying. I lost 6 pounds in one week*.Martha W.
Frustrated by years of unsuccessful dieting, I tried Anushka’s system and lost 10 pounds in two weeks without starving*.Kiki D

*Results may vary by client.