Hair Extensions Specialists

Whether you are looking for longer, more luscious hair or over-all thickness, hair extensions at Anushka Salon & Spa will give you the look you long for. We utilize the highest quality, 100% human hair from fabulous brands such as Platinum Seamless and Great Lengths, and offer an array of colors that will perfectly match yours.

One of our top-notch extension specialists will blend your brand new, tangle-free locks with your natural hair to create the beautiful look that is now made possible, and send you on your way with the simple guidelines you need to maintain them!

They call for easy maintenance, longevity, and resistance to an active lifestyle. Handy on location at Anushka for your convenience are products specifically designed for the up-keep of your extensions to pro-long their health and make for a longer wear-time. What are you waiting for? Long, thick hair is right around the corner.



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  • Precision Cuts

    Precision Cuts

    Haircut & Blow Dry $60 & Up

    Men's Hair Cut $35 & Up

    Child's Cut -under 12- $30

  • Texturizing


    Keratin Blowout $199

    Oribe Treatment $420

    Perms $150 & Up

    Japanese Relaxer $800

  • Finishing


    Wash & Blow Dry $45 & Up

    Wash & Blow Dry -long hair- $55 & Up

    Conditioning Treatment $35

    Kérastase Treatment $38

  • Special Occasion

    Special Occasion

    Semi-formal Up Do $100 & Up

    Formal Up Do $125 & Up


  • Base


    Base Color $55 & Up

    INOA Base Color $80 & Up

    Base Break $45 & Up

    INOA Base Break $70 & Up

    Color Correction Priced by Consultation

  • High / Lo Lights

    High / Lo Lights

    Full Head Hi / Lo Lights $165 & Up

    Half Head Hi / Lo Lights $135 & Up

    Face Frame $75 & Up

    Color Correction Priced by Consultation

  • Ombré


    Ombré $135 & Up

    Color Correction Priced by Consultation

  • Treatments


    Color Gloss $37 & Up

    Color Toner $40

    Conditioning Treatment $35

    Kérastase Treatment $38

    Olexplex Treatment $75

    Orbie Color Treatment $38

Hair Extensions

  • Customized


    Lite Volume Or Length $300

    Basic Volume Or Length $750 & Up

    Full Head $1500

    Extension Removal $170

  • Specialized


    Special Ocassion Priced by Consultation

    Ombré Priced by Consultation

    Extension Removal $170


  • Natural Manicures

    Natural Manicures

    Manicure $25

    Anushka’s Classic Manicure soothes away stress with a relaxing hot towel and nurtures your hands by smoothing your cuticles into shape. You may choose your shade of polish, and will also be treated to a forearm and hand massage.

    French Manicure $53

    Elevate your Classic Manicure with French polish.

    Polish Change $17

    Paraffin Upgrade $7

  • Natural Pedicures

    Natural Pedicures

    Pedicure $56

    Anushka’s classic pedicure soothes away stress with a soak in healing-essential oils and nurtures your feet by smoothing your cuticles into shape. Continue relaxing with a massage, and choose the shade of polish that will highlight your glowing feet.

    French Pedicure $64

    Elevate your classic pedicure with French polish.

    Specialty Pedicure $63

    Luxurious, revitalizing and tailored to meet your exclusive desires, enrich your pedicure treatment with lush Anushka enhancements.

    Paradise Pedicure $75

    Mini Pedicure $40

    When time is of the essence, enjoy the benefits of the Petite Classic Pedicure.

    Polish Change $20

    Paraffin Upgrade $15

  • Advanced Manicure

    Advanced Manicure

    Gel Manicure $48

    Full Set Acrylic $79

    Full Set UV Gels $95

    Full Set Pink & White Acrylic $93

    Full Set Pink & White UV Gels $110

    Acrylic Fill $49

    UV Gel Fill $56

    Acrylic Pink & White Fill $56

    UV Gel Pink & White Fill $61

    Nail Repair $6

  • Advanced Pedicure

    Advanced Pedicure

    Gel Pedicure $48

    Nail Repair $10

Eyebrow & Eyelash

  • Eyelashes


    Full Set Classic Lash Extensions $250

    Classic Lash extensions are attached by isolating a natural lash and attaching a 1 extension to the natural lash with a professional adhesive. Classic extensions are completely customizable, ranging from a natural look to a highly dramatic finish. Lash extensions should be maintenance every 2 to 3 weeks, and a fresh set should be replaced every 6 months. Application Time 1 ½ to 2 hours

    Classic Lash Fills $80

    Full Set Volume Lash Extensions $350

    This treatment is for the client who has wide gaps or sparse lashes and wants a fuller, more dense lash line. This is done with the same isolation process where each lash is individually built up, but the use of synthetic mink or silk lashes with a smaller diameter is used so that 2 to 6 extensions are capable of being attached per lash, creating a beautiful fanning effect. Application Time 1 ½ hours to 2 hours

    Volume Lash Fills $100

    Bottom Lashes $75

    Strip Lashes $25 & Up

    Strip lashes are perfect for the client who only wants lashes for that special occasion. Strip eyelashes are maintenance free. They come in an array of styles from subtle to dramatic, short to long, airy and light to full mega lashes. You can trim the lashes to customize them for any eye length or shape. The eyelash strip band can be invisible or visible. Choose between synthetic, mink, silk or real lashes. Lasts for the evening. Adhesive is latex based.

    Individual Eyelashes $35 & Up

    Individual clusters have 3 to 6 lashes that are overlapping on top of each other, in various lengths, looking like one thick lash. They are applied randomly and are used with a temporary adhesive that will last several days and start to shed off. This is perfect for someone who does not want to make the commitment of maintaining lash extensions. Application Time 30 to 45 minutes. Lasts up to 10 days.

    Clusters $45 & Up

    Clusters are for the client who wants a fuller, denser look with a touch of customization. Clusters have approximately 12 hairs of different lengths that fan out from the base. The clusters come in long, medium, short and mini as well as black and brown. The cluster can last the night or up to ten days depending on the wearer. Application Time 15 to 20 minutes.

    "Glamour Fashion" Strip Lashes $25 & Up

    For an even more dramatic option, try “Glamour Fashion” lashes. Highly stylized options are available, like colored strips or clusters, vivid, metallic or pastel colors as well as feathered or jeweled lashes. Create even more drama by adding other finishes, like double or even triple strips. Application Time 10 minutes. Lasts for the evening. Adhesive duo is usually latex based.

    Triple Effect Lashes Priced by Consultation

    A completely customizable and dramatic look can be achieved by combining a mix of 3 of our classic application techniques:

    Lash extensions, semi-permanent mascara & lash strips

    Lash extensions, clusters & strips

    Clusters & double strips

    Eyelash Shampooing $25

    Shampooing is the proper and hygienic way of cleansing the eyelashes before any eyelash service. Removing all traces of makeup and bacteria that lurks in the lashes and settles in the lash follicle is refreshing and pampering to the client.

    Drop In Lashes $75 & Up

    If you are looking to test drive extensions, this is the perfect treatment for you. Drop in extension lashes or individual lashes applied with very little adhesive.  This is achieved by using a small amount of bonding adhesive, and dropping them on the lash without isolating the natural lash. It gives the client a chance to see if she likes the look as well as testing for sensitivity to the professional glue. Application Time 30 to 45 minutes. Lasts up to a week.

    Semi-Permanent Mascaras $35 & Up

    Want the perfect application of mascara that lasts up to 6 weeks? This treatment is perfect for the person who has great lashes, and wants a practically maintenance-free semi-permanent mascara application. The special mascara is professionally applied to the natural eyelash and can last up to 6 weeks, with maintenance every two to three weeks. Application Time 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    Semi-Permanent Coloring - Tinting - $25 & Up

    Lash tinting is a great way to give the look of more fullness and a denser lash line by deepening the natural color of the lashes. This treatment is applied prior to any additional lash service. Application Time 20-30 minutes. Lasts 3 to 8 weeks.

    Eyelash Perming and Straightening $45 & Up

    Eyelash perming is the best way to achieve the perfect curl to your natural lashes, or redirect lashes which often naturally grow in different directions. This method may also be used to straighten lashes which have too drastic of an arch. This treatment is performed before any tinting or extension service. Application Time 15 minutes to 1 hour. Lasts 3 months or until natural lash sheds.

  • Eyebrows


    Full Set Classic Brow Extensions $80

    Classic Brow Fills $80

    3-D Brows $80

    From Sleek Brows, the 3-D Brow Treatment the only semi-permanent tratment that offers 3-D definition and long-wearing resilience for women with little or no brows. This treatment is applied, like paint, one by one. The solution is a textured pigment, custom blended to match or create your desired brow color. Once applied, the solution lasts up to 4 weeks through normal day-to-day activity and is water and smudge proof.

    Eyebrow Extensions $250

    Brow extensions are for those who want perfect brows, either to achieve a fuller look or to fill-in balding or thinning which happens naturally over time, or from over-tweezing. We isolate the eyebrow hair and attach an extension to give a fuller, denser eyebrow, filling in gaps and spaces. If you do not have hair to attach to, drop ins are attached to the skin with a skin safe adhesive. Service includes shaping, tinting , straitening (if hairs are curly) free stencil, eyebrow extensions, and drop ins. Application Time 2 hours.

    Eyebrow Extension Fills $47 & Up


  • Classic


    Make Up Application $53

    Receive a completely photo-finished look from one of Anushka’s make-up experts.

    Special Ocassion Make Up $75

    The special occasions in your life should be stress-free and fabulous. Look and feel your most beautiful by allowing Anushka’s make-up experts to care for your beauty needs on your special day.

    Make Up Lesson $105

    Let the Make-Up experts at Anushka help you find the perfect shades and combinations to design your most fabulous looks. Learn from the best about how to create smoky eyes or how to use the newest application techniques.

  • Airbrush


    Make Up Application $75 & Up

    For a flawless finish, let our makeup artists use a sophisticated airbrush technique to perfect your special occasion look. Airbrush foundation provides superior coverage while being light in texture. In addition, there are no traces of brush marks left on your face. You will love the beautiful and sheer finish of airbrush makeup, which helps accentuate your amazing features and lasts up to 24 hours.

    Special Ocassion Make Up $100

Permanent Make Up

  • Eyes


    Eyebrow $800

    Upper Eyeliner $450

    Lowe Eyeliner $400

    Both Upper and Lower Liner $800

  • Lips


    Lip Liner $700

    Full Lip $1200