The Anushka Salon pros share tips for the ultimate in summer hair survival.

For most of us, summer in general means getting out more; whether you’re hitting the pool to cool off or jetting to far away destinations while on summer break. But the summer season also ushers in often harsher elements that can negatively affect your hair, like higher UV indexes and increased chemical exposure. Our pro stylists share tips to keep your hair looking and feeling its best during the most active time of the year.

SPF For Your Hair

Consider a leave-in conditioner that includes SPF, or a thermal protectant like “Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil” heat and UV protective primer from Bumble and Bumble. Simply spray on pre-styling and keep your hair protected in the sunlight or before a day at the beach.

Reverse Washing

With so much heat and humidity in the air during the summer, you want to minimize any greasy or heavy residual product that may be left in your hair after showering, which makes it harder to style hair and may lead to a “limp” look. Our style pros suggest reverse washing: conditioning hair first thenshampooing out. Doing this will help get your hair the enrichment it needs while also removing any bulky product that might be left over. Try Kérastase’s “Resistance” reverse care treatment duo.

Hair Clarification

In the summer months, our hair experiences higher mineral and chlorine buildup as a result of being in pools more and because of how our water is treated. If you haven’t already done so, go out and purchase a water filtering showerhead, which will help filter out things like calcium sulfide, zinc, copper, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, dirt, sediment and odors. Once you’ve done that, book a “Clarifying Treatment” at your salon for a custom-designed treatment to help remove any mineral buildup. At the Anushka Salon, this personalized prescription includes a deep cleansing and clarifying wash, a customized protein treatment and a finishing mask to help protect hair through the season.

Color Shield

Mineral buildup and sun exposure can also wreak havoc on your hair color. There are several formulas developed to help protect your color from brand leaders like Kérastase, Oribe and L’Oreal. Our own “Blonde Ninja”, Kristen, loves using Oribe’s “Bright Blonde” shampoo and conditioner because it helps protect hair while preventing it from getting “brassy”.

Keratin Smoothing

Keratin treatments have long been used to combat frizzy and unruly hair. These days, you can totally customize the level of “smoothness” you’re looking for, which makes them a great option for pretty much anyone who is looking to give their hair more protection against humidity. Talk to your stylist about how many weeks you want yours to last and what level of smoothness you’re looking for. Our pro, Andrea, suggests trying a 6-8 week-long treatment that will remove the frizz but keep your curl. Not only will the treatment help combat humidity, but the keratin complex will also fill in split ends, doubling up on the smoothness factor!

Dry Spray Shampoo

What did we ever do before the advent of dry shampoo? We admit – year-round – it’s one of our favorite products. Dry shampoo gives your hair extra life and volume between showers, but it’s also the best way to wick away moisture while you’re on the go. In the summer, mid-day heat can hit you hard, and having dry shampoo on hand can really prevent your hair from going limp. We love Oribe’s “Gold Lust Dry Shampoo” because it’s effective andhas that signature Oribe perfume that we live for!

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