The images that appear in peoples’ minds when they hear the word “botox” include everything from a wide-eyed super-smiling wax-like face to fresh, relaxed look that make people think the person can’t possibly have any worries at all. For those of you that think BOTOX will make you look like a clown, the following is a list of things that expert placement of BOTOX® Cosmetic can achieve.
Benefits of Botox:
• Smooth Lines Around the Nose
• Lift eyes
• Open narrow eyes wider
• Lift Jowls
• Erase Wrinkles
• Soften & tighten your neck
• Smooth chest lines
• Lose your “11’s”: Smooth a furrowed brow
• Stop excessive underarm, palm, or foot sweating
• Decrease acne

Performed by an expert, all of the above is achievable. What results is a relaxed, refreshed look that makes others think you are well rested.
For those of you who are convinced dermal fillers will create mountainous cheeks, platypus, duck, or trout pout lips, remember it’s not the product. Properly and expertly placed fillers can create:

• Lifted mouth corners
• Re-inflated, soft, natural Lips
• Elevated Cheeks
• Softened “Smile Lines”
• A smooth jawline without jowls
• Rejuvenated youthful hands
• Bright, fresh-looking, non-tired, non-hollowed eyes
• Smooth, non-creased skin

Relax and enjoy. There is nothing to fear when you’re in the right hands.  Have questions?  Contact us at Anushka Spa, Salon and Cosmedical Centre for a Free Private consultation with Dr. Bonnie Marting.