Beauty & Style Tips from the Decade’s Best Pop Fashion Trends


One day earlier this year I noticed a leading shoe brand released a number of what I would consider “moon shoes”, or platform rubber shoes and sneakers. Almost instantaneously I was re-united with my younger self who naturally fell in love with the style back in 1996; a bit of euphoric recall you might say. But after that, all of these strange, and amazing, fashions began “popping” up everywhere I went. It was the re-emergence of 90’s pop fashion – and I have been jazzed about it ever since.

Of course, fashion is one of those things that always comes back around, so there was an expectation that someday it would re-emerge. But this is the first time I have really lived through the original era and now the resurrection again.

For me, and for many other 80’s babies, 90’s pop fashion, pioneered by starts like Britney Spears, The Spice Girls and Clueless, influenced me in my most impressionable years. I’m not referring to early 90’s grunge fashion, like plaid shirts and Doc Martens. I mean the good girl stuff like iridescent pleather, glitter lotion and jellies.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this whole experience was realizing that I could buy and wear all of the styles my Mom, or teachers, wouldn’t allow me to when I was 10 (and I don’t blame them). Everyone wanted to be Britney Spears and Cher Horowitz, idolizing their belly-bearing cardis and schoolgirl skirts. So you could say this is our time to re-live that era. But it’s important to take the good from it, and leave the ugly where it belongs.

Here are my favorite 90’s-Pop fashion and beauty trends worth embracing in 2015:

crop tops

Crop Tops

In the mid-90’s, crop tops were a typical staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Today, you can go casual or fancy with this look. We love dressing it up, pairing one with high-waisted skirt for an ultra-chic look. Try to find a crop-top with some volume around the bottom to add dimension and balance to a body-con skirt for a timeless and flattering look.

iridescent lip

Iridescent Lips

The “frosted lip” look was such a pop-star staple (think Mandy Moore). Leave it to modern makeup gurus to take this idea to soaring new heights. We’re seeing “grown-up glitter gloss” lips on runways and on daring celebs, who are using much darker shades than their early pop-star predecessors. Take this throwback look to the future with dark colors, glitter and a glossy finish. Look up “iridescent lips” on pinterest for amazing ideas.

lug sole shoes

Lug-Sole Shoes

This is a trend you have to take some precaution wearing today. While I wouldn’t recommend wearing these with tube socks and a denim skort like I did when I was 11, these rubber-heavy clunkers are one of my favorite revivals on the list. Largely unchanged in aesthetic, this shoe trend will have you looking and feeling like a teenager again, but with an adult sensibility (every time I wear mine I’ve gotten LOADS of compliments-way more than my “modern” stuff). It’s all about the right balance. Try them with a mid-thigh length a-line skirt with a little volume to offset the chunky heel. Pair with a tucked in blouse for fun, fabulous balance you can wear to the office.


Top Knots & Hair Buns

Ok let’s talk hair. As much as I’d like to say that the faux corn row look, complete with butterfly clips would work today, it just doesn’t. And styles like “The Rachel” are timeless. I connected the dots with the emergence of the “Top Knot” and variety of ballerina buns. This look has even infiltrated our hipster men, known as the “Man Bun”. Check out early adopters like Gwen Stefani, who have mastered this look since the mid-90’s and still makes it look chic and effortless today. Check out pinterest and youtube, our reliable source for DIY beauty, for step-by-step tutorials on how to create this killer look.

versace mini

The A-Line Mini Skirt

I chose this look because it can go with so many other classic pop-90’s pieces: crop tops, lug-sole heels, button-downs, etc., and because so many women can pull it off. An a-line mini is made to fit so many different shapes – not the case with hip-hugging pencil skirts that have also made an impact on recent runways. And if you have great legs this is the perfect style to add back into your wardrobe!

flash tattoos

Henna Tattoos

This trend has actually evolved into the “Flash Tattoo” movement today. Back in the 90’s, one of the most popular trends was the henna necklace and bracelet set. It made you feel a little rebellious without making the lifetime commitment. Fast forward 20 years and metallic tattoos are sparkling on women across the country who can’t get enough of the delicately designed temporary jewels. Check out the assortment at, who make some of the most beautiful and long lasting ones on the market.

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