With today’s world living and breathing social media and people posting pics of nearly everything imaginable, one begins to wonder what is real or even possible. Naked (or partially naked) selfies have taken over by storm…showing the most recent fat loss or added curve. Were these people really born this way? How do you have all the right junk in all the right places?

Celebrities know that to be relevant in today’s market they need to be talked about; be on people’s minds. One way to do that is to be constantly changing your body into the next sexier version. As we have seen with the advent of the big booty, styles change, and some styles are even created by those that post the most. So how do you create these things without surgery and without photoshop?
Bigger Booty: Implants are out due to some horrendous complications that can leave one seriously disfigured. Fat transfer is still performed but the person has to have enough fat to harvest and there is considerable down time. Also retreatment may be necessary. Sculptra (Poly-L-Lactic acid) is a natural way to increase the size and create the desired shape (think lift? Rounded? Protruding? Need more hip?) by stimulating super collagen growth. Simple injections, followed by patient massage will perfect your posterior to your desired goal. More than one treatment may be needed but the treatments are quick and easy with no down time. Nothing like fat transfer.

Slimming pudgy areas: Targeted fat loss has been an issue since people learned to look at their own bodies (or others were looking for you). Common areas of concern are knee bulges, inner thighs, outer thighs, peri-trochanter (saddle bag) area, lower abdomen, and back and front bra fat. You really can’t exercise these areas into shape. For a while Cool-Sculpting was the only evidenced answer…it would destroy some of the fat in those areas. Problems with evenness and lumpiness have persisted however so it no longer is the main go-to treatment. Another fat-destroyer is SculpSure™, but this one is a laser that targets the fat down as far as 1.5cm. It destroys nearly 25% of the fat in that area, but has a 30 degree dispersion of energy to alleviate the shelving that appears with some other treatments. It is a great spot reducer.
For those tiny areas or even spottier areas, Kybella® may be the answer. This product is approved for submental (double chin) fat removal but it is now being used off-label in multiple areas. More than one treatment may be required for desired results but the treatment takes just a matter of minutes. It takes over 5 weeks to see results regardless of the fat reducing method because your lymph system will slowly carry the debris away, but the results are permanent.