Resolve to Rewind: Where Did These Jowls Come From?

One of the most heinous moments a woman can have is the day when she looks in the mirror and sees these little appendages hanging down from the sides of her jaw. It seems like yesterday all was fine and today tragedy has struck! What are these things and where did they come from?

Jowling occurs from a series of changes resulting from normal aging. As we are moving along we are losing bone in our face. Bone is alive and is always losing and depositing calcium and new bone cells, which is why we exercise and strengthen our spines and hips, as this resistance causes greater bone growth. There really is no way to increase resistance in your skull, therefore, bone is merely lost, not replaced.

Unfortunately it gets even worse. When we are young we have a plentiful supply of fat located in compartments in our face. This fat hides any potential flaw that may exist in the underlying structures and makes our skin look smooth, full and youthful. Then we start to lose these fat compartments as well as the structures that keep them in place. The fat volume decreases; the support is lost; the result is sagging structures and an envelope of skin that is too big for the underlying package. This is where jowls come from.
How to Fix the Problem

Of course plastic surgery can tighten and eliminate some of the excess skin, but do we really need to be that drastic right away? Thankfully there are some other methods to either correct, or disguise these unsightly bloodhound-like accessories.
• When not too severe, the jowls can be lifted quickly and easily with a little BOTOX® Cosmetic placed at the jawline. This prevents some of the muscle down-pull and allows other muscles to lift the area.
• Placing some filler at the pre-jowl sulcus (the indented area between the jowl and the chin) will greatly lessen the appearance of the jowls.
• A few sessions of Sculptra placed at the jaw-line and in front of the ear area will create a tightening of the skin and pull up the excess while redefining the bone structure at the mandible angle. While this method takes the longest, it is of course also the longest lasting.

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