As time passes, it is inevitable for our skin to feel the effects of aging and sun damage.  Anushka Spa, Salon and Cosmedical Centre has found a way for you to effectively treat these skin issues from the convenience of your own home, using Biopelle Skincare Products.  Biopelle has discovered that snails can defend their skin from the sun’s powerful radiation by secreting growth factors and glycoproteins.  These special fluids can reverse the effects of damaged skin leaving you looking and feeling younger and more vibrant.

Now available at Anushka Spa Salon and Cosmedical Centre, Biopelle’s Tensage SCA Technology, does just this. This evolutionary product has proven to create firmer looking skin with renewed rejuvenation. It smoothens the appearance of fine lines, coarse wrinkles and increases hydration for softer skin. Also, it promotes faster recovery of skin from dermal procedures and helps skin damaged by photoaging. Anushka pairs Biopelle’s Tensage Intensive Serum 40 with Tensage Serum SCA 15 to achieve youthful, glowing skin that was once sun damaged and subject to aging.

How can I use these products at home to produce the best results? The Tensage Intensive Serum 40 contains 10 ampoules of treatment, apply one ampoule per day, after thoroughly cleansing your skin, for seven days.  Following each ampoule application, apply 1-3 pumps of Biopelle’s Tensage Serum SCA 15 over the affected area. Allow the Serum to sink into your skin. After your seven days of consecutive treatment, apply one ampoule weekly for 3 weeks, applying the Tensage Serum 15 afterwards. You may keep using monthly treatments until your desired results are achieved.