YogaGirl-LargeAnushka has been in the body sculpting business for over 40 years, when she revolutionized the spa industry with her highly successful anti-cellulite treatments, topical serums and nutritional guidance. Earlier this year, the brand was approached by ITG, a company founded on providing at-home nutrition and guidance for healthy weight loss. After remarkably successful trials, Anushka knew there was a marriage of these two concepts and developed
“The St. Barts Diet”.
This holistic treatment consists of 1: a rich offering of at-home nutrition provided by ITG for weight loss, and 2: Anushka’s award winning body sculpting treatments to target the appearance of cellulite. Each program is completely customized to each client. On average, each client will see a weight loss of 10-12 lbs. in the first 2 weeks! After 3 months, one of Anushka’s very own providers lost 33 pounds! She’s continued to steadily reach her weight goals with guidance from our team of professionals.
The diet portion consists first of ITG’s 14-Day plan, which includes 44 varieties of food choices including full breakfasts, shakes, soups, salads and bars. The Anushka medical team offers individual guidance and support during the first 14 days of the program. All participants are given a Presso-Jet Treatment as well (a $115 value), which promotes lymphatic drainage, ridding the body of excess water weight and toxins. The 14-day “St. Barts Diet” package is priced at just $299 for a limited time.
Clients can then add onto their regimen by purchasing the nutritional products they want to add into their everyday routine as they continue to reach their weight goals. Anushka’s team of medical experts guide each client on a personal body sculpting journey by recommending the right treatment for each, which may include detoxifying body wraps or more advanced treatments like radiofrequency, infrared, pneumatic compression, ultra¬sound or pulsed-magnetic field pho¬tomology therapies. These proven methods of body sculpting help to release the subcontaneous tissues that contribute to the appearance of cellulite as well as improve skin’s elasticity and health. Prices start at $115 per treatment.
For more information on “The St. Barts Diet”, ITG or Anushka’s award winning body sculpting treatments, call 561.820.8055 to speak with our medical concierge.