Quit using your hot styling tools? Cut off a few inches? Cease coloring altogether? Most of us are simply not willing to give up our beauty routines in search of healthier hair. Anushka’s styling experts share insider secrets on how to regain the health of your hair without compromising the finish you crave.

The 48-Hour Rule
Taking showers every day is actually detrimental to hair. It promotes frizz and breakage of the hair shaft, while inhibiting the natural oils from nourish and protect the follicle. If you’re a daily washer, try to skip a day in between to let your hair re-generate itself. If you’ve got traditionally dry hair, you can go up to 4 days without washing with the help of a good hair cap. Keep hair fresh, light and fragrant with a dry shampoo. These formulations help to keep hair looking voluminous and offers additional hold for days. Try Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($44). Not only are the ingredients ultra-luxurious but the signature scent is intoxicating.
Prep Like A Pro
It’s critical to fully read the label of your beauty products and understand just how they should be used in order to take advantage of their full benefit. We’ve all been guilty of using too little, or too much of the recommended amount. Not only will you miss out on the awesome power of your products, but you may also be under-protecting hair, leading to further damage. Pro stylists use just the right amount of product to prep hair by picking up wet sections and spritzing (or evenly coating) the entire length, hitting all of the right angles, ensuring the formula is evenly distributed by combing through afterward. If you style often, make sure you’re using heat-protecting formulations, like those found in the Kérastase Discipline Collection. We recommend Spray Fluidissime ($42), a thermal-protecting spray that promises up to 72-hours of frizz prevention and offers heat protection up to 450 degrees. If you prefer a crème serum, try Keratin Thermique ($43), a priming crème with humidity and frizz inhibiting properties, that promises to reduce blowdry breakage by 85%.
Throw in the Towel
Nothing damages hair more than our sacred styling tools. While they work wonders – curling, bending, flattening, smoothing – all things we love and crave, they are also the culprit behind split, frazzled and dying ends. Consider what a difference it would make to cut down on using your blowdryer for just 5 minutes every time you styled. Start by removing more moisture post-shower by throwing in the towel, and patting hair with paper towels, or a cotton shirt. Believe it or not, these fabrics help wick away more moisture without putting unnecessary stress on the hair. Towel drying is more damaging to hair and can cause pressure on the follicle, which can make it more difficult to style. Not only will you save a few minutes every day getting the finish you want, but you’ll help hair get to a healthier place blowout by blowout.
Get To Great Lengths
There is a great compromise to styling hair and also wanting long, lush locks. So often, we over-process hair to the point where you eventually have to cut your losses and start fresh. Test out styling options that help you stay sans-heat. Try braiding towel-dried hair, leaving it in to dry overnight. Loosen in the morning for beautifully natural-looking waves. If you need more help going au-naturel, choose a weekend (especially if “scrunching” isn’t something you’ve done since high-school) and test-drive different formulations that offer texture and hold for curls, or oil-based smoothing solutions for loose waves. We love the all-natural products from Davines. These Italian-made formulations are amazing for sustaining naturally healthy, beautiful hair. Try products from the Authentic Collection, which are formulated with rich botanicals that truly nourish hair to a smooth, velvety finish. We recommend the Authentic Nourish Oil ($54), and their Authentic Moisturizing Balm ($32), a product that can universally deliver deep hydration to hair and be used as a moisturizer for the body.
If you’re looking for texture and control, check out Bumble & Bumble’s Curl Conscious Defining Cream ($29), which helps to sculpt curls without weighing down hair, or BB Gel ($26), which offers a little more hold without the tackiness characteristic of other formulas.
There is no loss to testing out different styling options, especially if it affords you a few more winks in the morning, and takes the heat off your hair for a bit. We love the idea of mixing up the options, especially if that means giving hair a well-deserved rest. You don’t have to stop using your “hot-tools” in order to have healthy hair, but exploring other options is a great way to mix up your look and invest some TLC into your style routine.
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