Not all virgins are young. There are many people (women and men) who begin to get annoyed with certain aspects of their appearance at any age. I have had some virgins in their 70s. One morning they just get up and think “wow, what happened?!?” Some mornings I think that myself. It’s like we are fine with how we look and suddenly the light is switched on.
Many of these virgins have avoided non-surgical cosmetic treatments out of fear: fear of pain; fear of looking like a ghoul; fear of looking like a drag queen; fear of needles near the face; fear of the unknown. Sometimes it is only after that enlightening moment when they actually see what has happened to their appearance that they can overcome the fear.
It is part of my expertise to help keep the fear away. A relaxed consult with all questions answered often relieves the stress of what is still the unknown. Knowing that pain is a rarity in my practice is also very helpful. Seeing many before and after photos of possible procedures further alleviates anxiety. Finally, a specifically prescribed regimen just for them assuages the remaining tension, which is then followed by the excitement felt after treatment when they look in the mirror.
And another panicky patient has joyfully lost her (or his) virginity (and their fear).