Are you ready for your best body ever?  Join us at our Body  Contouring Session featuring SculpSure, Venus Freeze and SmoothShapes. Learn more about what SculpSure is and how it works. Meet with Dr. Bonnie and Carol for your complimentary consultation and customized treatment plan plus book an appointment for any of our treatments and receive a special gift plus over 25% in savings.

What is SculpSure?
SculpSure is a non-invasive (non -surgical) body contouring system. It is used for the reduction of stubborn fat in  areas like the abdomen and sides /love handles.

Is SculpSure for Fat Loss or Weight Loss?

SculpSure is not a weight loss treatment. SculpSure helps to remove stubborn fat and contours treated areas to reduce and permanently destroy fat cells.The number of fat cells in our bodies remain constant throughout our adult life. With weight loss they shrink but never disappear. SculpSure destroys up to 25% of the fat cells in the treated area and may also contour, tighten and firm as well.

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Smoothshapes Laser
Our most effective approach for eliminating cellulite is the SmoothShapes Laser — the first FDA-approved laser cellulite treatment. This new technology combines dynamic laser and light energy with mechanical massage and vacuum.

With remarkably long-lasting results, SmoothShapes stimulates the restoration of healthy cell activity by focusing on the physical manifestations of cellulite and its underlying causes.

Venus Freeze RF Fix
The Venus Freeze Treatment uses (MP)2 technology to deliver multi-polar radiofrequency and pulsed magnetic fields to the skin to produce a dense and uniform heat matrix, which acts to cause collagen synthesis and contraction (firming and tightening), Fibroblast proliferation (growth of connective tissue-collagen), new-vascularity (formation of new capillaries) and lipolysis (breaking down of stored fat).